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How do Q-and-As work? (Pt. 1)
How do Q-and-As work? (Pt. 2)

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How do Q-and-As work? (Pt. 2)


ALTERNATIVELY: You can accept for listing (OR NOT, since YOU are the moderator): any Q-and-A submitted by any registered user of this site (all Q-and-As from regular registered users need to be approved to appear). Again, as in Pt. 1 of the answer about Q-and-As, it is possible that the question is answered by the poster himself/herself. But, it is much more likely that you are being asked to answer (or greatly elaborate on an answer) to a given question posed.

In this second type of case (with a regular-user submitted question), you can reply directly in the same area of the very web page where the question was posed. To do this: You could edit the Q-and-A by simply putting a dashed line beneath the 'answer' provided by the poster and then: (1) Restate the question (to make it clearer, or to make it broader, etc.) (this being optional, of course -- being done as needed or desired) and then (2) you provide YOUR answer in good detail to the question at hand. [ You would, of course, make it clear what the is your question re-statement and answer and what was originally posed by the registered user; your answer, if you do as proposed & if needed, will be directly below the dashed line which you add below the original submission. ]

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