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II. Comprehensive Intro. to Buddhism (from the Buddha and B. Bodhi) Summary

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Core perspectives on Buddhism. Pick the Comprehensive Intro. to Buddhism Subject. Then: Find the topic of interest, under Topics (and click); then click on a Question (for that Question and Answer, under the Topic).

The main Subjects and the Comments are now available as a downloadable Word documents (in a zip) at

OR you can get pdf versions in a zip . These docs (and pdfs) may be seen as notably better-formatted, than the text on the web pages.

Another option: Another way to get the Word (or pdf) docs for download (not in a zip file) is to use these links : MAIN body: rrBuddhism.doc

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In ANY CASE: Also see newAdditions.doc OR newAdditions.pdf .

<--- Of course, you can READ IT RIGHT HERE (formatted a bit differently) by reading the Questions-and-Answers, etc., under each of the 8 Topics.

[** NOTE ** : A LOT of important information (about 30 pages-worth) is contained in Comments to Q-and-As OF THE ONLINE EDITION, that is NOT in the MAIN Word document. *** The web presentation is based on most of the words of the Buddha and has attempted to be comprehensive ***.
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